Sunday, December 15, 2013


TerraNova storms the world from the Emerald City (Seattle U.S.A.) A love for performing live, and a crushing guitar-driven engine featuring Dawn Lindsey & Tori Farrow - vocals, Doug Samn - lead guitar, David Salwitz – Bass and Rico Ybarra on drums leaves all but a few stone-deaf or dead fans begging for another hit.

 I caught up with Dawn Lindsey near a back-door alley after a concert. The lovely crooner refused to talk to me at first ... until I showed her the ten pounds of C-4 plastic explosive taped under my "dripping" trench-coat. (It pays to be aggressive!)

Then it was like … sure I’d love to.



*You have two female vocalists in your band. Does this ever cause cat fights within the group or with doggedly persistent fans? 
Only at rehearsal when Dawn gets bossy - then Tori wants to kick her ass.  


*Your group hails from the Emerald City (Seattle) home of Rock Gods like Hendrix etc. Who? What? are the major influences you try to avoid? 
Mackelmore & Hole and being/sounding too commercial, we want to express ourselves thru the music and be authentic. 


*Say the hotel you stayed in after a performance has just burnt (or been torn) to the ground. What do you tell the cops /investigators when they arrive? 
Rico got tired of playing the rods instead of sticks and lost his mind. He's feeling much better now though.  


*Your band has been kidnapped by satanic worshipers from Brooklyn or some other doorway to hell and they demand a member of your band as a sacrifice … who will it be? 
Dawn because she needs new material similar to UFO but closer to earth. 


*Where was the most outrageous place you’ve ever played? … and when are you going back? 
The Rock N Roll Marathon 2012 - we were on the back of flatbed truck about 50 feet in the air on Seattle's viaduct. Windy rainy and dangerous!  


*No rock band I’ve ever known is ruled by committee. Who decides whether a member of your group lives or dies professionally speaking (No, not Mafia!) 
Dawn & Doug hold the veto power in TerraNova since they founded the band. But other than that, their careers are their own!! 


*Describe your best three minutes (excluding sex) … unless you provide a tape. 
The first 3 minutes of live radio doing an acoustic set ... was very cool!  


*Are any of your group vampires … can you prove it? 
Yes, Tori is! We have a picture of her trying to eat Dawn's face.